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ENOVAL technology program kicks off

Location: Freising, Germany | Duration: 2 days

ENOVAL has been up and running since October 2013. A two-day official kick-off event took place on October 28-29, which saw over 140 representatives from the aviation industry, research, academe and from the European Union come together in Freising, near Munich. Dr. Marco Brusati, European Commission project coordinator, and Dr. Erich Steinhardt, senior vice president, technology at MTU, also attended the event. At the same time as the official ENOVAL kick-off, the review meetings were held for ENOVAL’s sister projects LEMCOTEC and E-BREAK.

ENOVAL coordinator Edgar Merkl, MTU said: “The kick-off event was special in two respects. Firstly, it’s pretty impressive that representatives of all 35 of the participating partners attended the meeting, and secondly, it was the first time that a joint technology workshop was held for all three ongoing aero engine EU projects, ENOVAL, LEMCOTEC and E-BREAK. Three technology programs under one umbrella – now that’s a first for an event of this kind.”

ENOVAL consortium at the kick-off meeting

The ENOVAL kick-off meeting featured an interesting panel discussion with speakers from LEMCOTEC, E-BREAK and industry partners

The audience at the ENOVAL kick-off meeting in Freising, Germany

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