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ENOVAL Partners at ISABE 2017

The following members of the ENOVAL Consortium have submitted papers to the ISABE Conference 2017 (September 3-8, 2017 in Manchester, UK) and will present activities and results which have been part of the ENOVAL project:

  • MTU: ENOVAL Low Pressure System Technologies for Ultra High Bypass Ratio Engines
  • ITP: Turbine Tone Noise Reduction via Optimized Acoustic Coupling

  • GKN, MTU, DLR: Design and manufacture of a turbine exhaust case for aerodynamic and aeroacoustic testing

  • UPM: A Variable Pitch Fan and UHBR Turbofans. A conceptual evaluation

  • BTU: Comparative Assessment between Variable Area Fan Nozzle Concepts at Inner and Outer By-Pass Duct Surfaces
  • UniBwM: Influence of Active Flow Control on different kinds of Separation Bubbles
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