ENOVAL Learning Modules

ENOVAL Learning Module 1 European Research On Advanced Ducted Propulsion System realised by Dr. Jörg Sieber from MTU Aero Engines also Chief Engineer and Innovation Manager of the ENOVAL Project.

ENOVAL Learning Module 2 Aggressive Duct Aerodynamics realised by University of Genoa and Avio Aero (GE AVIO).

ENOVAL Learning Module 3 Research On Advanced Propulsion Concepts realised by Gregorio Corchero from the ETSIAE/Propulsion Section at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid and José Mª Chaquet from Industria De Turbo Propulsores (ITP).

ENOVAL Learning Module 4 Assessment of Engine Technologies on the Level of the whole Aircraft realised by Gabrielle Hilson from Rolls Royce Deutschland and Martin Hepperle from the Deutsches Zemtrum für Luft-und Raumfahrt, with the support of the ENOVAL Engine Owners.

ENOVAL Learning Module 5 Variable-area fan nozzle (VAFN) - Concept Development Methodology realised by Rolls-Royce Deutschland, Rolls-Royce plc and the Brandenburg University of Technology.

ENOVAL Learning Module 6 Analytical Modeling of Aerodynamic Sound Generation and Transmission in Axial-Flow Fans Using Mode Matching Principles realised by Mathieu Gruber from Safran Aircraft Engines and Michel Roger from École Centrale de Lyon.

ENOVAL Learning Module 8 On the use of RANS methods using a mixing plane approach in transonic / supersonic compressors realised by Isabelle Trébinjac from École Centrale de Lyon and Christophe Diette from Safran - Turbomeca.

ENOVAL Learning Module 9 Light Weight Intermediate Case "Engine Fan Structures" realised by Anders Sjunnesson from GKN Aerospace Sweden.

ENOVAL Learning Module 10 A New Post-processing Tool for Two-spool Rigs: Rotor Synchronic Averaging Explained On Hot Wire Anemometry Measurements realised by Professor Dr. Franz Heitmeir from Graz University of Technology.