ENOVAL brings together 35 partners from 10 countries

The University of Cambridge

The Engineering Department at Cambridge comprises: 150 faculty, 250 research staff, 250 technicians and support staff, 1,200 undergraduates and 450 postgraduate students. Gained the highest possible rating in the latest Government assessment of research in UK Universities. UCAM has participated in recent UK government (TSB) funded projects on methods to design turbomachinery low noise (such as HARMONY and SYMPHONY) UCAM has participated in EU programmes OPENAIR, VITAL, DREAM, LEMCOTEC, NEWAC, FACTOR, AITEB-2, AIDA

Role in the project

Within ENOVAL WP3.2, UCAM will help with the specifications, definitions and assessments for tests of the novel UHBR fan and OGV system. UCAM will also undertake CAA/CFD predictions of the fan-OGV interaction tone noise for validation and assessment of existing CAA/CFD methods applied to these novel configurations.

Personnel Involved

Tom Hynes