ENOVAL brings together 35 partners from 10 countries

Swerea Sicomp AB

Swerea SICOMP is a Swedish non-profit research institute with 51 employees focusing on polymer composites. SICOMP was formed in 1989 and its clients and partners range from small European composite manufacturers to very large multi-national corporations. The main activities are research, education, consultancy services and technology transfer to industry. The core competences of Swerea SICOMP are process technology, structural analysis, process simulation and material science.

Role in the project

Swerea SICOMP will contribute to the IMC technology development work in WP3. The work of Swerea SICOMP will be in collaboration and complementary to the work conducted by GKN and ACAB. In particular Swerea SICOMP will contribute with their composite material expertise in the areas: process simulation, structural testing and fractographic analysis.

Personnel Involved

Jesper Eman