ENOVAL brings together 35 partners from 10 countries

Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co KG

Rolls-Royce, world-leading provider of power systems, based in Germany since 1990. Workforce of around 3,500. Its site in Dahlewitz near Berlin hosts the Rolls-Royce Centre of Competence Nacelles, the Centres of Excellence for 2-shaft engines and the high pressure compressor and the Headquarter of Rolls-Royce's business of Corporate Small & Medium Engines. The Centre of Competence Blisks, a manufacturing centre for finished parts and module assembly is located at the site Oberursel near Frankfurt/Main. Rolls-Royce Deutschland delivered over 580 engines in 2012.

Role in the project

Rolls-Royce Deutschland is leading SP1 and WP3.4. SP1 will provide overall consistency of component and technology specifications. It will monitor the technology status at aircraft system level and assess the final achievements against the original ENOVAL objectives. SP1 will take the benefits of the technologies developed in ENOVAL to the next level by exploring technologies and aero-engine concepts beyond the ENOVAL programme timeframe. The objective of WP3.4 is to provide nacelle technologies enabling UHBR. Design and integration of the Variable Area Fan Nozzle will be key aspects.

Personnel Involved

Gabrielle Hilson