ENOVAL brings together 35 partners from 10 countries

Progesa S.R.L.

Supplier of CAD models and drawings of LP Turbine and Gear-box parts, test articles and Rigs Expert in manufacturing of complex shaped with high precision parts in special alloys such as Inconel 718, Waspalloy, Hastelloy, Titanium, CMSX4, Rene Manufacturer of test articles and complete test rigs and production parts Test rigs: Fabrication of the entire LPT Cold Flow GE 90, LPT Cold Flow Antle, Cascade GE 90 rig, Flutter cascade, various Burner test rigs, LPT Cold Flow GENx, LPT Cold Flow GENx Built 2A, Mira Parts: Machining of LPT blades, vanes, nozzles, discs , shrouds , gear-box links FP7 projects: DREAM, FACTOR UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and UNI EN 9100:2009

Role in the project

In Task 4.4.3 Progesa will be involved in: Test article detailed design Manufacturing Progesa has extensive experience in design and manufacture of LPT cold flow test rigs

Personnel Involved

Enrico Feraboli