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Mondragon University

MGEP is a co-operative integrated into both Mondragon Corporation and Mondragón Unibertsitatea and is the legal owner of Mondragón Unibertsitatea's Faculty of Engineering. Its principal activities are training and research, development and innovation. With over 350 employees and around 2000 students, the Faculty carries out both basic and applied research projects directly addressing the needs of industry. Research activity is focused in the following areas: Manufacturing, Mechanical behavior and Product Design, Embedded and Information Systems, Electrical Energy and Organization and Industrial Management.

Role in the project

MGEP contributes to Task 4.4.2 to the establishment of experience, knowledge and modelling based strategies for LPT disc manufacture to be able to accommodate a material change, from current IN718 to new materials such as 718+ or any other high temp material, as driven by the increasingly demanding working conditions; both in terms of stresses and temperatures. Development of a route for disc manufacture on a new material: Suitable disc machining & surface modification manufacturing window; development of process modelling capabilities, laboratory scale manufacturing trials, analysis of the resulting surface condition (microstructure, roughness, residual stresses). Development of a material model in support of component design

Personnel Involved

Pedro J. Arrazola