ENOVAL brings together 35 partners from 10 countries

Industria De Turbo Propulsores SA

Established in 1989, ITP activity ranges from aero-engines overhaul and assembly, to the research, design, development and manufacture elements of gas turbines for aircraft applications, power generation and marine. ITP has around 1700 members of staff with more than 300 engineers working in Madrid, Bilbao, Sevilla and Albacete. Low Pressure Turbine is one of the products of excellence of ITP. All the stages for the development of the product are covered inside ITP, from the conceptual studies to the final product, customer support, and in service support

Role in the project

ITP contributes in WP1 to the specification at Engine level for the Long Range Direct Drive Platforms and as industrial advisor for Variable Fan Pitch and LPT NGV cycles. In WP4.1 ITP participates in the specification of Low Pressure spool technologies. ITP is WP4.4 leader developing and validating technologies to improve the Low Speed LPT efficiency reducing noise and weight. Technologies to optimize turbine disc life will be developed through and integrated design-manufacture approach. High Speed LPT basic analytical and CFD studies in WP4.5

Personnel Involved

Paloma González