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Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace

ISAE was created in 2007 from the merger of the two prestigious French "Grandes Ecoles": SUPAERO (1909) and ENSICA (1945). Today ISAE is a worldwide reference in aerospace higher education and research. ISAE also develops a very active research policy, largely based on an important number of partnerships involving aeronautical and automotive companies.

Role in the project

ISAE is involved in WP1.3 and more specifically ISAE is in charge of the task 1.3.4 on "Bypass airflow variable devices" with anactive collaboration with SNECMA. Define UHBR reference engine cycle. Define technology concepts for Variable Pitch Fan and Variable Area Nozzle Fan. Perform parametric studies of VAFN impact and apply a VPF model into the whole engine cycle model.

Personnel Involved

Xavier Carbonneau