ENOVAL brings together 35 partners from 10 countries

GKN Aerospace Sweden AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of GKN including: GKN Applied Composites AB is "Third Party" to GKN specializing in manufacturing of composite components. GKN AS specializes in large structural engine components for all major engine companies in the world. In addition GKN the OEM for the military engine RM12 and we are involved in the European Space Program through development and manufacturing of exhaust nozzles and turbines for fuel and oxidizer pumps.

Role in the project

GKN will lead and participate in the studies (WP1.3) regarding Future Propulsor Concept Studies. GKN will develop and demonstrate technologies for light weight, efficient and low noise fan frames (InterMediate Cases - IMC). The demonstration will consist of mechanical tests on sub-component level and full frame level. GKN will develop and demonstrate novel turbine exit structures with integrated noise reduction features in comprehensive aerodynamic, performance and noise tests

Personnel Involved

Anders Sjunnesson