ENOVAL brings together 35 partners from 10 countries

Global Design Technology

Founded in 1998 to provide services in the numerical analysis sector. Its offer has significantly expanded and covers nowadays amongst others design, numerical simulation (mechanical & CFD), tools study, manufacturing, testing, and technical documentation engineering. Located in Belgium and in France, GDTech employs around 120 people, mainly engineers, and covers wide branches of activity: e.g. aeronautics, space, transportation, nuclear, and defense. GDTech was the first design office in Belgium to get the EN9100

Role in the project

Based on skills developed during VITAL FP6 EU's project, GDTech will be ENOVAL project partner of Techspace Aero on the SP4/WP4.3 (High Speed Low pressure Compressor). GDTech will take in charge: Design and numerical assessments of high speed LPC Instrumentation definition Mechanical interface with the CIAM's test bench Aero-Mechanical test campaign survey

Personnel Involved

Thibaud Waltregny