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Ergon Research S.R.L.

Ergon Research was born in 2008 as supplier of highly specialized R&D services to develop and design innovative products, components and systems in the thermo-fluid-dynamic and turbomachinery field. Its mainstay is the integration between theoretical aspects and the most innovative simulation and experimental techniques. Since 2012 is an approved Spin Off of the University of Florence The key services offered are: Simulation: Thermo-fluid-dynamics, turbomachinery, aerodynamic, combustion systems analysis by means of commercial and open source CFD and FE codes. Development of custom-tailored design tools for fast and reliable energy system components design and validation Experiments: Design and manufacturing of test rigs, experimental tools and measurements systems. Aero-Thermal experimental services under realistic engine conditions (high pressure and high temperature), in joint venture with the University of Florence

Role in the project

Task 4.2.1 - Design and commissioning of a test article focused on the investigation of heat rejection issues of future aeronautic epicyclic power gearbox. Task 4.2.3 - Development of innovative CFD models and procedures for the prediction of heat rejection issues in PGB, based on the outcomes of the experimental results. Task 4.2.4 - Definition of best practices for the application of CFD computations to the design of geared turbofans.

Personnel Involved

Lorenzo Tarchi