ENOVAL brings together 35 partners from 10 countries

Ecole Centrale de Lyon

The Laboratoire de Mécanique des Fluides et d'Acoustique (LMFA) is a JRU (Joint Research Unit - UMR 5509) which legal representatives are Ecole Centrale de Lyon (ECL), CNRS, INSA and University of Lyon I. Ecole Centrale de Lyon delivers the Engineer Diploma of the French Ministry of Education and Research. LMFA ( is composed of four research groups among which two are involved in the ENOVAL project: Turbomachinery and Acoustics

Role in the project

Turbomachinery team of the LMFA/ECL is involved in WP4.3 dedicated to LP compressor. Experimental investigations on a highly instrumented compressor test module designed by Turbomeca. Main objective: to evaluate the benefit of a boundary layer aspiration strategy in order to increase the efficiency and operating range. It includes: Test rig modification in order to host the dedicated compressor. Development of the instrumentation and associated post-treatment process. Experiments with and without boundary layer aspiration. Analysis of the results complementary with CFD results. Acoustic team of the LMFA/ECL is concerned with the numerical modeling of an acoustic liner under grazing flow in the WP2.3 in order to identify the test liner impedance

Personnel Involved

Isabelle Trébinjac