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Centro De Tecnologias Aeronauticas

CTA was established in 1997 as a private non-profit foundation. The staff of CTA is made by around 50 members working in two different locations, Miñano and Zamudio. CTA operating unit in Zamudio is specialized in Fluid Dynamic testing of Low Pressure Turbine modules and components. The main test facility is an open circuit, continuous flow, transonic wind tunnel, where Reynolds and Mach number can be fixed independently.

Role in the project

In WP4.4 CTA will contribute to the experimental validation up to TRL5, of technologies to improve low speed LP turbine efficiency, reducing noise and weight, by means of a high speed multistage rig to be tested in CTA transonic wind tunnel. The multistage rig will be representative of middle and rear stages of Low Pressure Turbines for large engines direct drive applications with very low rotation speeds.

Personnel Involved

Andoni Puente