ENOVAL brings together 35 partners from 10 countries

Central Institute Of Aviation Motors

Founded in 1930, CIAM is the leading Russian Institute in the aero engine sector. Its activities range from fundamental researches of physical processes to creation, engineering and certification of new generation engines in cooperation with design bureaus. The Institute has modern facilities allowing performing numerical and experimental investigations at the world level. CIAM has large experience in the development of combustors respecting environmental requirements. Currently CIAM is working on the creation of advanced turbofan combustor with high thermodynamic parameters and characteristics ompeting with international analogues.

Role in the project

CIAM will be in charge of performing numerical and experimental investigation of the effects of distortion, leakage, and different stability enhancing technologies such as casing treatments on the behaviour of the Booster. CIAM has a strong competence and long-standing experience in numerical and experimental activities related to low compressor design and numericalexperimental investigation.

Personnel Involved

Evgeny Oloventsov