ENOVAL brings together 35 partners from 10 countries

Centre de Recherche en Aéronautique

Applied research centre providing high fidelity numerical simulation methods and tools to invent and design more competitive products. Specialised in numerical methods, materials and process modelling, computational fluid dynamics, physics and applied mathematics. Research partner of the Safran group since 2007. Seven multi-disciplinary skill-centered teams. Operates a supercomputing infrastructure (currently providing 270 compute nodes with about 40 Tflops peak computing power) and experimental facilities in composite manufacturing and prototyping.

Role in the project

Cenaero's Turbomachinery Advanced Aerodynamics team and Turbomachinery Multi-disciplinary Design team will contribute to WP 4.3, with the development of a new methodology to assess the flutter stability analysis of a highly loaded compressor. Based on an integration of unsteady CFD with a moderate computational cost (phase-lagged approach), the ambition of this methodology is to drastically reduce the number of required simulations building upon adaptive sampling techniques. As a result, the flutter boundary shall be accurately predicted through a cost-effective spanning of the multi-dimensional parameter space

Personnel Involved

François Thirifay