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Centro de Estudios e Investigaciones Tecnicas

CEIT is a private multidisciplinary non-profit research centre closely connected to TECNUN (the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Navarra). Its mission is to provide the industry with services through the development of technical research projects and to form young researchers and PhD students. CEIT consists of 3 departments (Materials, Applied Mechanics, and Electronics and Communications) and three R&D Units (Unit on Microelectronics and Microsystems, Environmental Engineering Unit and Biomedical Engineering Unit)

Role in the project

CEIT will measure the surface conditions and the determination of residual stresses. Samples of identical machining conditions will be tested in fatigue at high temperature to correlate the surface condition and fatigue life. CEIT will develop and implement a crack monitoring system for early detection of crack growth. CEIT will develop a Mechanical Lifing Model including crack initiation and early propagation, correlating surface conditions vs. observed fatigue lives

Personnel Involved

Antonio Martín-Meizoso