The ENOVAL focus lies on the low pressure system of propulsion systems with

  • ultra-high by-pass ratio (UHBR) from 12:1 up to 20:1 and
  • ultra high overall pressure ratio (UHOPR) from 50:1 up to 70:1.

Scheme explaining the bypass ratio of an aero engine


ENOVAL concentrates on ducted geared and non-geared turbofan engines of short/medium range and long range aircraft applications with entry into service (EIS) from 2025 onwards.

ENOVAL will allow significant reductions in CO2 emissions and noise:

CO2 emissions

  • -5% for long range engine (-26% vs. Y2000 ref. engine)
  • -3% for short/medium range engine


  • -1.3 EPNdB    (-9.3 dB vs. Y2000 ref. engine)

ENOVAL will achieve a 5% reduction in fuel burn resulting from 5% higher propulsive efficiency and 1.5% better module efficiencies compensating 1.5% increase of fuel burn due to weight and drag.

ENOVAL already surpasses ACARE Vision 2020 goals towards SRIA 2035 for CO2 reduction:


Relative aero engine fuel consumption and noise emission